Product Branding's Next Wave: Merging the Digital and Physical_FULL

Wednesday October 14th: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Ticket Price: Free; registration required.

**THIS EVENT IS FULL/SOLDOUT Bresslergroup and the Design Management Institute (DMI) invite you to a dmi:NightOut featuring a cross-disciplinary presentation about the challenges and opportunities of designing digital-physical products that connect with people right out of the box.

With the increasing sophistication of learning devices, artificial intelligence, and automation, designing the branded product experience has become more complex. As tech evolves, how do we evolve our product development and branding strategies to continue to design products that are easy and delightful to use — and difficult to put down?

Bill Horan, Bresslergroup’s Creative Director, Interaction Design, and Chris Murray, Director of Industrial Design, will present ideas for integrated teams of interaction and industrial designers to foster brand love and loyalty by infusing end-to-end product experiences with brand values.

This dmi:NightOut is hosted by Bresslergroup — following the presentation, join us for further discussion over drinks and snacks in our brand new digs!