Philadelphia is a unique environment with a strong history and tradition in design, manufacturing, and architecture. The days of being called “the workshop of the world” are in the past, but Philadelphia’s identity as a hub for creative activity never vanished - instead it was transformed. The opportunities for design exploration and innovation through the wealth of cultural institutions, universities, and an expanding entrepreneurial base are endless.

In this setting, the DesignPhiladelphia Festival emerged in 2005 to identify, celebrate and raise the profile of this city’s creative economy, all 50,000+ of them. In addition, DesignPhiladelphia demonstrates Philadelphia’s reemergence as a 21st century city - one shaped by design, technology, and collaborative business practices.


Erin Allsman, APR | Brownstien Group

Anthony Bracali, AIA, LEED AP | Friday Architects/Planners, Inc.

David Fierabend | Groundswell Design Group

Maureen Ferguson | communications consultant

Neil Kleinman | Corzo Center for Creative Economy, UArts

Diana Lind | Philly.com

Beth Miller | Community Design Collaborative

Dan Shepelavy | Brownstein Group

Elise Vider | Elise Vider Editorial Services