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Jennifer Keesmaat to be Awarded 2019 Edmund N. Bacon Memorial Award

By David Bender on Jan 03, 2019
L: Jennifer Keesmaat | R: section of the winning 2019 Better Philadelphia Challenge entry

By: Nate Hommel, co-chair Ed Bacon Memorial CommitteeThe Center is excited to announce the winner of this years Edmund N. Bacon Memorial Award: Jennifer Keesmaat of Toronto, Canada. As we all know too well, city building is a complex process requiring many people from numerous professions to come together in order to make change happen. Jennifer Keesmaat was the Chief Planner for Toronto for five years, a candidate for Mayor in the city’s most recent election, and has achieved global renown for her enthusiastic TED talks and the…Read Full Story

Drexel's Design Research Symposium Explores Design and Change

By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Oct 10, 2018

 For the third consecutive year, Drexel’s Master of Science in Design Research (DSRE) program is hosting the 2018 Design Research Symposium. The symposium aims to take attendees on a journey through the design process to explore how design research can create changes in health, technology, and the environment. Taking place this Friday, October 12, at Drexel’s URBN Center ANNEX at 3401 Filbert Street, the program will include presentations by IBM, Cityhealth in Brooklyn, Healthify in New York, and Ballinger, discussions, and…Read Full Story

AARP and Design Community to Address Housing, Health

By Tiffany Mercer-Robbins on Oct 09, 2018

 14th Annual DesignPhiladelphia Festival event to examine the intersections between housing, health, and designSupporting Philadelphia's ascension as a hub for design excellence, AARP Pennsylvania will host a lunch and panel discussion during the 14th Annual DesignPhiladelphia Festival. One of more than 120 events presented by the Philadelphia Center for Architecture, AARP will examine the impact and intersections between housing, design, and health.“We hope to address the intention, process, and the functionality of design…Read Full Story

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